Cantieri was born from a food project that goes beyond all classic restaurants  standards.

How do we achieve this? We offer varied, creative cuisine of the highest quality – but that’s not all. We create real relationships with our customers.


When you come to Cantieri, you will be taken on a culinary journey. From the beautiful décor, to the warm family spirit that characterizes the service, you will be left wanting to come back for more.


Cantieri began as a concept, and eventually materialized over time. A simple gesture like eating has become an emotional expression, emerging from the palate, and resulting in a feeling of experience and belonging.





What canvas is to the artist, our bistro is the place where passion and vision become culinary delight. In this line of work, the greatest spectator is each and every client.


Our kitchen is like the painter’s palette: experience and passion mix, bringing every dish to life in a perfect combination of flavor and sensation.


Each culinary creation finds its roots in the storied culture of Roman cuisine, but with a touch of modernity.


With this approach we are able to satisfy your palate with a diversified, lively selection of dishes ranging from classic pizza to more elaborate gourmet recipes.





Thanks to the work and dedication of the staff, you can become part of the dynamic, cheerful and warm environment that makes Cantieri so enjoyable.


Esperienza sublime.

Un carinissimo locale, lontano dalla folla dei turisti. Cucina attenta ai sapori della tradizione romana unita alla gentilezza e professionalità di Gianmarco e Cristian. Abbiamo gustato tutto...dall'antipasto al dolce. Ottimo tutto...da ritornare.

Vittorio B.

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Via Cola di Rienzo, 16 - Roma

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Via Cola di Rienzo, 16 - Roma

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